Should I install a kitchen Island sink?

Should you include a sink in your kitchen island?


Should you include a sink in your kitchen island? Well the answer is up to you. It simply boils down to personal preference and budget, however we will go over the pros and cons of having a kitchen island sink.

From functionality to aesthetics there are numerous benefits of adding a sink to your kitchen island. 

The working triangle is a key factor whether or not you install the sink in your kitchen  island. If your kitchen is behind or next to your stove, with the fridge in proximity, this makes the perfect work triangle.  A sink in the kitchen island can also be beneficial if you do not have any windows on the walls that are being used for storage space. 

Kitchen Island Pros:

Kitchen Island Cons:

Functional layout 

Plumbing will be place in center of the room; which can lead to higher prices


Need large kitchen island to fit the sink

More sociability when doing chores or prepping in the kitchen


Ideal counter pace for chopping and preparing food